Keynote Session: The Journey to Mastery
09-30, 09:05–10:00 (Australia/Sydney), Royal Theatre

Join Louis, who has spent a decade guiding others through PentesterLab, as he helps us delve into the journey from beginner to mastery. This talk will outline this exhilarating journey, providing practical advice on how to seamlessly transition from one learning stage to the next. We will also tackle the common challenges and setbacks most individuals encounter on this learning path.

Transforming from a beginner to a professional requires a significant shift in mindset - a key idea that Louis will emphasize throughout this talk. He'll also draw intriguing parallels between the process of learning technical security and other disciplines.

Don't miss this enlightening session, as we embark on a journey to explore the thrilling, yet demanding path to mastery.

Louis Nyffenegger is a seasoned security engineer and the founder of PentesterLab, a platform dedicated to teaching web penetration testing. With over a decade of experience in cybersecurity, Louis has focused on penetration testing, architecture analysis, and code reviews. He recently launched a YouTube channel, AppSecSchool, further extending his passion for education in application security.